DIY Reframing a Cheap Mirror

A friend of ours was moving and gave us a door mirror from Target. It has just been sitting in our garage collecting dust for 5 months or so. I came across this DIY mirror tutorial on Shanty 2 Chic on how to reframe a cheap mirror yourself. I’ve been looking for a mirror for our entryway and thought this would be a great opportunity to upcycle the door mirror and hang it up in the entryway.

I followed the tutorial from Shanty 2 Chic and added a few extra steps like sanding down the surface and applying a mirror hanger, since I wanted to hang it up. The Shanty 2 Chic tutorial also said it would only take 1 hour but it ended taking up half a day for me. I waited 1 hour before adding two coats of polyurethane to the stained wood frame.

Here is how to upcycle a cheap door/wall mirror.

Cheap Mirror
1×4 white wood boards (I purchased three 1x4x48″ wood boards from Lowe’s)
Wood Glue
Liquid Nails
X-acto or utility knife
Picture Hanging System
Screw Driver
Staple Gun
Power Sander

How to:
1) Remove the paper on the back of the mirror.


2) Use a blade to slice through the glue holding the mirror to the frame. I used an exacto blade, but you can also use a utility knife. Make sure you cut along the edge of the frame and cut through the glue.


3) Pull the frame away from the mirror without bending the mirror. Remove the mirror carefully so that it does not break.


4) Spray and clean the mirror surface with Windex.

5) Cut 45 degree angles at each end of one of the wood boards to build the frame. I used a miter saw to make the 45 degree angle cuts.
Lay the first piece you cut on top of the second 48″ wood board and use a pencil to trace the 45 degree angle edges on both sides of piece 2.
This makes sure you have 2 identical 48″ long wood boards.
Measure out 17 1/4″ on the third wood board and cut. Trace and cut the fourth piece.
You should end up with:
2 @ 48″ (long point to long point)
2 @ 17 1/4″ (long point to long point)


6) Layout the pieces over the mirror to make sure the size of the frame is correct.


7) Use wood glue to join the ends of the pieces together to make the frame. And staple the backside of the frame to make sure the frame stays in place while drying. I put heavy paint cans on top of the corners to ensure they stayed in place. Use clamps if you have them.



8) Use a power sander to sand down all surfaces to prepare the wood before you stain it. Sand down the edges of the frame by hand, so they aren’t sharp. I used #100 sand paper for the edges. Note: the Rust-Oleum wood stain can provides instructions on how to sand and prep the surface before staining.

9) Stain the frame with one coat of wood stain and add polyurethane to protect the wood.
Follow the can for instructions. I used Rust-Oleum Carrington wood stain and polyurethane.


10) Lay the mirror in place on the backside of the frame and use a pencil to trace the edges of the mirror. **Make sure you leave enough room for the picture hanging system above the mirror.** Remove the mirror and spread out the liquid nails inside the pencil marks. I used a wooden coffee stirrer to spread out the liquid nail. Lay the mirror face down onto the back of the frame. Line it up with the pencil marks.


11) Measure and drill holes into the backside of the frame and the wall where the mirror will be hanging. Use a level when figuring out where the holes should be on the wall. Screw Picture Hanging System in place.


12) That’s it! Hang out your new mirror and enjoy! 🙂


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  1. Wow! This is beautiful! It made a simple mirror into a really expensive looking one 🙂 Adding it onto my long list of “One day I’ll make this…”

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