Craftsman Style Door Trim DIY Update

I am so excited to share the latest update to our home. I have been wanting to update the door trims ever since we moved in. The existing door trims are outdated and are missing an inch off the bottom because the house used to have carpet. Since we are going to add new baseboards throughout the house soon, this would be the time to get in new door trims. I went with craftsman style door frames because I like the simple and clean look it gives off.

The hardest part was getting all the necessary tools for this project. I made over 5 runs to Lowe’s to get everything I needed. I had to purchase a finishing nail gun and an air pressure tank for this project. Learning how to use both of those was scary. After getting over my fear of learning how to use a new power tool, the project was actually pretty simple. 🙂

Take a look at the transformation and the steps I took to get to our lovely new craftsman style door trims. I ended up updating the door hinges and door knobs once the trim was finished. Made a big difference!

Sources I looked at before beginning this project:

1) Thrifty Decor Chick: DIY CRAFTSMAN DOOR TRIM
2) U Decor Youtube Channel: How to Install Door Casing


Poplar Wood [Measure your door and decide length of wood you need to buy]
What I used for standard door:
    (1) 1x4x10
    (1) 1x4x8
    (1) 1x2x4
    (1) 0.25x2x4
Finishing Nail Gun
2″ Finishing Nails
Air Pressure Tank
Air Hose
NPT Couple/Plug Kit (if you need a converter in order to attach the air pressure tube to the tank and nail gun)
Wood Glue
Utility Knife
White Paint (I bought the Valspar Ultra White. They sell this pre-made at Lowe’s)
Paint Brush
Power Sander
Wood Filler
Clamps (recommended but may not be necessary)

Step 1:
Cut along both edges of the trim to remove the caulk. This makes sure that you do not peel paint off the wall when removing the trim.


Step 2:
Use a flat head screwdriver (or chisel) and a hammer to remove the casing/trim. I tried both and preferred using a flathead screwdriver over the chisel.


Step 3:
Use the backside of the hammer to pull off the existing door trim and to remove nails that are still stuck in the door frame.


Step 4:
Sand down the door frame to make sure you have a flat surface for the new trim. This makes sure that the new trim will sit flush against the wall, with as little of a gap as possible.

Step 5:
Measure and cut the wood to match the door frame.
Measurements for the door to my home office.
1×4 at 81″ in length (cut 2 of these)
1×4 at 38″ in length
1×2 at 39″ in length
0.25×2 at 39″ in length

You can sand down the surface of the wood if it is not smooth.

Step 6:
Build the top of the door trim by glueing the 1x4x38, 1x2x39, 0.25x2x39 pieces together. If the wood is a little bent when you are trying to glue the pieces together, you will need to use a clamp to make sure there is good contact between the three pieces. There should not be any gap between the pieces. You can also you a nail gun to nail the pieces in place. I prefer using the clamps so there is less to touch up.

Step 7:
Use the nail gun to attach the side pieces to the door frame, then center and nail in the top piece.


Step 8:
Use wood filler putty to cover up the nail holes. And sand down the surface when it is dry.


Step 9:
Caulk the edges of the door trim.


Step 10:
Place painter’s tape around the frame to protect your walls and put some paper on the floor to protect your floors.


Step 11:
Brush on the paint a little at a time to prevent drips and uneven coating. I used roughly 4 coats of paint.


All done!

After I finished the first door, I needed to do the 2 other doors next to it. It looked weird having only one door frame updated. Here’s some pictures of the final result with updated hinges and door knobs. I am super happy with the way they turned out. Will need to paint the doors and update the wall color. 🙂


2 Replies to “Craftsman Style Door Trim DIY Update”

  1. First off I wanted to say that this was a great DIY project article and thanks for sharing. Second I was looking at the pic of the finished product and was wondering how you did the other two doors as they bud up against each other in a tight corner. I have the same exact issue in my house and just wondering how to tackle it before taking on this project. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Danny, so glad you found this tutorial helpful for your project. 🙂 The corners were a little tricky. I attached an image of the 2 tops made for the corners. Test out and fit the pieces before glueing. Hopefully this helps.
      Image Explanation
      Photo Closeup of Corner

      Let me know if you have further questions. Would love to see a photo of your final project once it’s completed.

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